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Trident Plug and Play Complete System

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Your Price: $2,150.00
Part Number: Trident Kit
Introducing the badest remote on the market today. The Trident plug and play remote system is what all of us concrete pumpers have been dreaming of. No more losing connection on the job during those long pours, or when you are out of site of your pump. This remote punches it's signal right though and keeps you pumping.

We partnered with Aarcomm Systems Inc and put our knowledge of line pumps into these remotes. They were designed by highly vetted line pump operators and built by master craftsmen. Everyone we have sold these remotes to have asked for another. 

  • Full Plug and play kit with receiver
  • Instruction manuals

  • 3,500ft non line of site working range
  • Virtually un-crushable
  • Water proof
  • Easy interface
  • Easy to install
  • 2 year warranty
  • Schwing Latching Systems
  • 1998-2014
  • Tier 3 Schwings
This package is the full plug and play system with everything you need to install and operate your new remote.

**Currently we only have remotes that will work on Schwing SP line pumps. We will be carrying remotes for other brands soon. We will also have a new system coming out for newer line pumps. Stay tuned!  **