1. SPTM (Track Mount)

SPTM (Track Mount)

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Track Mount
Part Number: 320

Generation 3 Pump Kit

Outperforms every other concrete pump on high visibility projects while also placing millions of yards on everyday pours.

Rock Valve™

No other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™.


Foundation contractors and rough terrain applications will benefit form SPTM track- mounted concrete pumps. For contractors drilling multiple cast piles, the SPTM is self-propelled to eliminate a tow vehicle with operator. The two-speed hydraulically powered track system navigates 42% grades at up to 4.6 mph allowing it to follow drill rigs to perform concrete pumping of cast-in-place pilings.

 Two pump models are currently available with the track system. SPTM 1250 and SPTM 2000 models offer up to 118 cubic yard output and 1568 psi on the concrete. Both use the SCHWING open loop hydraulic twin cylinder pump kit with Rock Valve that provides low maintenance pumping and fast cleanup with less water.

 The track system and pump functions are combined into one radio remote control unit. Paddle style-joysticks provide directional control and SCHWING Control Technology (SCT) provides pump functions and diagnostics through a digital display. In order to provide self-sufficient operation in remote areas, the pump is equipped with a 100-gallon water tank and air compressor.