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2" HD/Raised Concrete Clamp

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Your Price: $28.56
Part Number: 2"HD CLAMP
2" HD Concrete Clamp  | $26.25

You can't beat our prices on these clamps. The other guys sell these for $46.00 a piece! 

  • Non-adjustable
  • Comes with 2" gasket
  • Comes with safety pin
  • Works with HD/Raised hose ends

All of us at Redwood Empire  are oh so much more than just a sales department. Our family has been pumping concrete for well over 4o years. The supplies we sell  are the same products we use every day on our own pumps. You can rest assured that everything has been thoroughly vetted in the field for durability and reliability. When it comes to line pumps, we are the go to specialists who know your business like no other. Making buying with confidence easy since 1981. Join the Redwood team and call us today 1(800)585-1206

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